British brewery releases beer infused with cannabis oil

This is the UK’s first cannabis oil-infused beer

Despite being the most mellow – and natural – of drugs on the market, cannabis is still illegal in the UK.

However, there are ways around this, and one of these is CBD, or cannabidiol.

It’s the compund found in cannabis and hemp plants that doesn’t contain any of the psychoactive part of cannabis – the THC – so it doesn’t get you high.

But CBD oil has been found by many people to be effective at reducing pain and inflammation, as well as tackling insomnia.

We were recently blessed with the first CBD oil-infused spring water to hit UK supermarket shelves, and now, for those who like things a little harder, we have the UK’s first CBD oil-infused beer.

Weed-infused beer is already selling in the US but this will be our fair shore’s very first offering.

Say hello to Buffalo Soldier.

The 3.8% ale is made at the Stockton Brewing Company in Teesside, and yes, it’s named after the Bob Marley song.

It’s the first beer in the UK to be made with CBD oil and the brewery are delighted.

‘The lads were excited about creating the product and are happy to be part of the first ale in the UK to contain cannabis oil,’ a Buffalo Soldier spokesperson told Gazette Live.

‘The first batch will be ready in six weeks and after many enquiries we’ve got a feeling the product will be in demand and sell out quickly.’

The drink will sell for £3.50 a bottle, and several bars have already put in orders, including Oscar’s Gin Bar in Stockton.

Maybe in the future, when the UK has caught up with the US, we too will have THC-laced botanical cocktails, and weed-infused (alcohol-free) wine.