"Beers of the World, the international consumer magazine dedicated to celebrating beer and the people who make it."

"Beers of the World magazine is quite simply a title that sets out to tell good news stories about the world of beer. We are here to champion the sector, to guide the curious to new and exciting products, and to help beer regain a place at the publicity table after years of being pushed aside by wine and other drinks."

"It makes no difference to us whether the beers we feature are ales, lagers or stouts, or whether they’re from Budapest, Boston or Barrow on Furness. As long as they’re good enough for you, they’re good enough for us. Our aim is to entertain and educate, to help our readers seek out great beer and the places that serve it, and to introduce them
to the people who have created it for them. We’ll write about the great and legendary names of the industry past and present, and focus on the rising stars."

Dominic Roskrow in the first issue of Beers of the World

Beers of the World Magazine was launched in August 2005, and remained in print until 2009, returning briefly in 2012 until 2013 changing into a digital publication.

We're bringing that magazine back, both online and hopefully as a physical magazine. We take the words above, written in the very first issue of the magazine as our mission statement. To bring you good news from the world of beer, the best of beers, the weirdest of beers, the Beers of the World, it's kind of in the name.