BrewDog’s mock Pink IPA ‘beer for girls’ splits opinion

BrewDog has made a mock "beer for girls", saying "enough is enough with stereotypes".

Pink IPA - a spoof of their beer Punk IPA - has a pink label and will be sold to women for a lower price than men.

The brewer says it's a sarcastic way to address the gender pay gap and have a dig at "lazy" marketing campaigns.

Some have criticised BrewDog's joke while others have praised them for donating some of their profits to women's charities.

"This has the right motivations but the wrong execution," one woman tweeted.

The brewer launched the beer ahead of International Women's Day on Thursday 8 March.

As part of the campaign for the next four weeks, people who "identify as female" will be able to pick up Pink IPA in any BrewDog bar for 20% less.

And responding to the gender pay gap, 20% of the proceeds from Pink IPA and Punk IPA will be donated to charities that fight inequality and support women.

There was some defence for the brewer.

BrewDog's global head of marketing Sarah Warman said: "The fact that the gender pay gap is still an issue in 2018 shows that a lot of lip service is being paid, but not enough action is being taken to tackle inequality.

"With Pink IPA, we are making a statement the only way we know how - with beer."

By creating a stereotypically pink label, the company says it is having a dig at other campaigns to target women.

"Pink IPA is clearly an over-the-top ridiculing of the types of sexist marketing we often see from brands trying to engage a female audience," Sarah added.

"We always anticipated that some people might not immediately appreciate the irony of Pink IPA but that did not deter us in our mission to spark a conversation about the gender pay gap."