Living by a brewery comes with a 15% premium property price tag

Some recent research highlighted that 17th March is the best day for UK homeowners to list their home for the greatest chance of a smooth sale this year and it just so happens that it falls on St Patrick’s Day. So if you are thinking of selling, be sure to list your home before heading out for a drink, but when you do they also looked at how buying closeby to a brewery could add a 15% premium to your property’s price tag.

They looked at the property value surrounding of some of the best breweries in each region of the UK and how they compare to the wider area.

The results show a 15% jump in favour of beer.

The average property price in areas with a brewery in the vicinity sits at £432,536, while the average price across all the wider areas only amounts to £383,061.


The Navigation Brewery: Nottingham, NG2
House Price Difference to Wider Area: +33.6%

Topping the list for the most premium price tag are neighbours of the Navigation Brewery in Nottingham’s NG2 at 33.6% above the city’s average of £192,812.


Ouseburn Valley Brewery: Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3
House Price Difference to Wider Area: +27.4%

Going up to the North East in Newcastle upon Tyne is Ouseburn Valley Brewery), where the average property goes for £253,227, up 27.4% from the city’s average price of £198,636.


Tiny Rebel: Newport, NP10
House Price Difference to Wider Area: +26.8%

Next up is Tiny Rebel in the Welsh city of Newport, where property prices surrounding the brewery average £210,437, 26.8% more expensive than the city’s average of £165,854.


Hog’s Back Brewery: Farnham, GU10
House Price Difference to Wider Area: +20.7%

The South East’s Hog’s Back Brewery in Farnham enjoys a 20.7% higher average price of £683,905, up from the greater area that has an average property value of £566,469.


One Mile End: Tower Hamlets, E1
House Price Difference to Wider Area: +14.1%

Breweries are hardly a new concept in East London’s E1, which was home to the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane for several decades and was revered as one of the largest breweries in the world. Although the building itself is still erect for events, the beer making facilities are now based in Hackney Wick. However, E1 continues to keep the local brew-making tradition alive with One Mile End, based in Whitechapel. The property values in E1 have a 14.1% head start averaging £596,859 from £522,730 in the whole of Tower Hamlet’s.

Yorkshire and the Humber’s Blacksheep Brewery in HG4 enjoys a premium in property prices of 12.3%, trailed by South London’s Bullfinch Brewery in SE24 (11.7%), Scotland’s Swannay Brewery in KW17 (11.6%) and Brewsmith Beer in the North West’s BL0 (10.7%).

As a popular commuter hub, Brentwood has seen house prices increase and so the home of Emoov’s humble beginnings has just a 5.5% premium in property values in CM15, where the Brentwood Brewery is located. The average property value surrounding the brewery is £509,315, compared to the whole of Brentwood averaging £482,528.