Historic brewery set to launch its first ever Keg Craft beer

2018 looks set to be a year of transformation for one of Burnley's business success stories. Moorhouse’s Brewery is launching a series of new hop-forward keg beers, plus an innovative Botanical range and it is also preparing to unveil a new look for its much-loved cask beers.

The Accrington Road based brewery, drawing on its strong reputation for quality cask beers all brewed in the shadow of Pendle Hill, will launch its first ever keg craft beer, Malkin Pale Ale in April. Featuring an innovative 3D lens label to create standout, the 4.1% ABV beer has been brewed with Citra, Eldorado, Calypso and Cascade hops which gives it a distinct grapefruit aroma with bright orange, mango and pear like flavours throughout. Malkin Pale Ale will launch in the summer.

Next month also sees the launch of Sabbath Flight, a 5.0% ABV keg American Pale Ale. A collaborative lager will be added to the brewery’s repertoire over the summer.

Completing the new portfolio of products is Moorhouse’s Botanical range. Launching in the autumn in 330ml cans, the unique range has been inspired by the brewery’s history when founder, William Moorhouse, began brewing lower alcohol hop bitters and botanical beers for the temperance movement.

The launch comes as managing director, Lee Williams marks his first year in the role. He said: “The Moorhouse’s brand is synonymous with brewing quality; it’s one of the reasons I joined the business.

"I wanted to harness that and challenge the brewers to create new styles that fit a modern brief alongside our much-loved existing cask range.”

Product development is at the heart of Moorhouse’s new strategy, and one of the first initiatives was installing a pilot brewery, M1, to provide head brewer, Dan Casaru and his team with the tools to experiment and create small batch brews.

Mr Williams added: “The new beers, along with established favourites and pilot runs, will ensure that we can offer a choice of beers and styles to our drinkers and importantly not just in cask but keg and can for the first time.”

Moorhouse’s has also invested significantly in rebranding, working with leading brand design consultants, WPA Pinfold to create a modern, standout look for both existing and new lines, including Blonde Witch and White Witch.

The designs, launched today, have been inspired by the stories and legends of Pendle Hill. Commenting on the background to the new look, Mr Williams added: “Although keen to stay true to our roots, it’s imperative that Moorhouse’s develops a reputation for being forward-thinking and respected for what it does best. "

Our brand image has been outdated for too-long and our products lost in a crowded market. The new look stands out for all the right reasons now and broaden our appeal. It’s an opportunity for customers and drinkers to reappraise Moorhouse’s as a brewer.”

Moorhouse’s was established in 1865 by William Moorhouse, a Burnley man who took great pride in his town and his craft. He built his own brewery premises in 1870, and nearly 150 years later, Moorhouse’s is still on the same historic site and sells around five million pints a year across the North of the UK.

From: https://www.burnleyexpress.net/news/historic-brewery-set-to-launch-its-first-ever-keg-craft-beer-1-9083371