Beer and Beards come together to form the Brawtherhood Brew

Two Scottish firms have joined forces to create a new beer.

Drygate Brewery and Braw Beard have teamed up to create The Brawtherhood Brew – a 5% American Wheat Ale brewed with orange peel, orange zest and citrussy hops from the US.

Brewed on the 250L Studio Brewery under the Seven Peaked roof of Drygate Brewing Co, the Brawtherhood Brew will be officially unleashed this weekend.

Brewer Phil MacDowall Jr said: ‘We have an open doors, open minds concept here at Drygate and relish the opportunity to take on new challenges.

‘Working with John to create the Brawtherhood Beer for 2018 was great, using new ingredients to create a modern, fresh and accessible beer to slake the thirst of all them beardy competitors.’

Founder of Braw Beard, John Jackson explained: ‘When presented with the opportunity to create The Brawtherhood Brew for the 2018 BrawBMC, I jumped at the chance.

‘Drygate Craft Beer has always been my drink of choice and our new brew has exceeded all of our expectations. The orange flavours and citrus hops pair perfectly to create a full bodied wheat ale that’s fresh and oh so moreish.’

Chris Moriarty, brand and marketing manager, agreed: ‘The relationship between Drygate and the Brawtherhood goes back a long way, from John setting up shop at our Urban Market right through to us hosting the inaugural Braw Beard & Moustache Championship in 2017.

‘We’ve talked for a wee while about making a beer together & this one is worth the wait. Sláinte!’

Brawtherhood Brew is available on draft and in bottle from February 24 during the Braw Beard & Moustache Championships of 2018 hosted at the Drygate Brewing Co.

he beer will be sold in independent stores in Edinburgh and Glasgow from spring onwards.

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