Issue 9


Thai surprise
We travel to the Boon Rawd Brewery in Thailand, home of Singha beer
Ales of the Rhineland
Adrian Tierney Jones looks at the top fermenting Altbiers of Düsseldorf
The Aztecs may have invented beer, but how is the Mexican beer scene doing these days?
News analysis
This year’s Ashes tournament kicks off in Australia this November, and Marston’s is right behind it
Our guide to the best beers and breweries of Scotland
Joseph Holt
A close look at the Manchester brewer
Modern pioneers
We speak to Fritz Maytag of Anchor Brewing
Beer journeys
The best bars and beers in San Francisco
Family brewers
There are 31 independent family brewers in Britain, Glynn Davis looks at how a few of them are getting on
Hopping mad
La Rulles is a Belgian brewer with an unlikely passion for hops
Roger Protz on the history and uses of this vital beer ingredient
Mid strength
The beers that occupy the space between low alcohol and traditional strength beers