Issue 7


International Brewery
Swiss brewery Locher and 101 other things to do with your pint...
We take a look at a well known brewery making some rather less well known brews
Brewery Focus: Cains
Andrew Catchpole goes behind the scenes of a revived Liverpool icon
Regional Focus: The Black Country
This issue, we examine the beers to come out of England’s industrial heartland
London gems
Where to go in the city for good food as well as the best beer
Made in Britain
Who makes it, where it comes from and does it really matter?
The pubs, the pints and the people in Ireland’s capital city
Beer trends
Nigel Huddleston reports on the growing acceptance of beer at the dinner table
Pietra Brewery
The Corsican micro and what it’s doing with all those chestnuts
Humble pie
The relationship between the pie and a pint is in trouble. We try and patch things up
North bar
We investigate a bar in Leeds called ‘the best place to drink in the UK’