Issue 6


Pilsner Urquell
A close look at the iconic Czech brewery which helped to define a category
The Staffordshire town that at one point dominated Britain’s brewing industry
South Africa
A sneaky peek at the Rainbow Nation’s beer and brewing history
Scottish beer
Ben McFarland reports on how Scotland is establishing itself as a beer region
British regions: London
This issue, we examine the best breweries and beers of London, Middlesex and Surrey
Beer and seafood
Which beers taste best with oysters, moules mariniere, scallops and the like
The beer chef
Celebrity chef Richard Fox talks to us about the pleasures of beer and barbecues
Why the ‘capital of the north’ is a prime destination for beer lovers
Sharp’s Brewery
Roger Protz travels to South West England to to visit Sharp’s, a growing brewer of cask conditioned beer in Cornwall
American beers
Gary Monterosso picks a few of his favourites