Issue 5


International brewery: La Trappe
Roger Protz travels to Dutch Trappist brewery Koningshoeven
International focus: Germany
Where to get good beer and good food in between the 2006 World Cup matches
Brewery focus: Brains
Our man gets to grips with an iconic Welsh brewery
Garrett Oliver
American brewmaster and author shares some of his beer and food pairings
British regions: Yorkshire
An in-depth look at the breweries of South and West Yorkshire
Beer and chocolate
It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. Ben McFarland steps up to the challenge
Travel guide: Copenhagen
Why the Danish capital is a mecca for beer lovers
International brewery: New Belgium Beer Co.
The fun and eco-friendly Colorado brewer 
Biére de Garde
Celebrating this smooth beer style from northern France. Santé!
North Korea
We get close to a brewery in the world’s most secretive state