Issue 26


Eddie Gadd
We catch up with head brewer at Ramsgate Brewery on the East Kent coast
Goodies and baddies
What exactly do they put in our beer? Some of these ingredients may surprise you
Crooked Stave
American brewer Chad Yakobson knows a thing or two about yeast...
Coniston Brewery
Behind the scenes at this award-winning Cumbrian microbrewery
Can Guinness be good for you?
Brian Glover investigates the truth behind some bold historical claims
Limburg Province
The newest breweries in Belgium
L. Mulligan Grocer
This Dublin gastropub matches craft beer and whisky with some fine food
Party kegs and casks
Des de Moor investigates the technology that allows us to enjoy draught beer at home
La Zaragozana
We get to know a Spanish brewery making craft beer on a big scale
Winners revealed
BOTW is proud to reveal the results from the 2012 World Beer Awards