Issue 20


Beer celebrities
We pull up a bar stool to chat with Tony Hadley, frontman of 80s pop legend Spandau Ballet
Samuel Smith
Beers of the World gets a rare peek inside this traditional Yorkshire brewery
Eastern Europe
We look at the brewing nations of Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Lithuania
Christmas beers
Melissa Cole suggests some seasonal highlights to look forward to as winter draws in
Behind the scenes at the oldest brewery in the world
England’s West Midlands
Our guide to the region’s best beers and breweries
Low alcohol
Our expert tells the truth about low and no alcohol beers and how they’re made
We delve into the history of ‘country ales’ a once popular style in British brewing
Western Massachusetts
Sit back as we take you on a unique beer tour in New England, taking in the best pubs, breweries and beers
Scottish ales
The latest in our series on British beer styles