Issue 2


What happened when a top TV scriptwriter and a moth-balled brand got together
Despite the black stuff’s domination there is more on offer in the Emerald Isle
Brewery focus: Everards
With big plans for the future these are exciting times for the Leicester brewer
The Beer Academy
Enroll for a course where you will really want to do the homework
British focus: the South West
A guide to the brewers and retail outlets in the South West region
International focus: Bercloux
The small French brewery punching above its weight with some great beer
Belgian beer walks
Our man dons his walking shoes in search of the perfect pint
Beer legends: Arthur Guinness
The man who created pure genius in a glass and a drinking icon
The classic Indian beer is on the rise and building a big reputation as it goes
Corsican beer
A small Mediterranean island with some big hitting beers worth seeking out