Issue 14


Michael Jackson
A tribute to the legendary Beer Hunter
Daniel Thwaites
Behind the scenes at the Lancashire brewery celebrating its 200th anniversary this year
The Cock & Hen and Florence
We spend a day brewing at a unique brewpub in Herne Hill, London
The name game
Why do some beers have crazy names, and where do they come from?
Experimental brews
It’s all about pushing the boundaries 
UK Regional Focus
A look at the best beers of England’s North West
Roger Protz takes a tour of one of the biggest lager breweries in the world
All about the infamous German purity law, the Reinheitsgebot
The wheat beers of Salzburg
Our guide to the weissbier breweries in the Austrian capital
Where to go and what you’ll find in the beerlover’s favourite city
Beer styles
This issue, we look at the ubiquitous pint of English bitter