Issue 11


Greene King
Look past the controversy and you’ll discover a tale of a local boy done good
Are they really bad news for beer?
Beer cocktails
The use of beer as a cocktail ingredient is on the rise. Nigel Huddleston reports
Coopers Brewery
We take a look around one Australian brewery with more on its mind than lager
A beer with... Raymond Blanc
In the first of a new series, Alastair Gilmour chats to a Michelin-starred chef about beer
Regional focus
This issue, we take a look at the best beers and breweries in England’s East Midlands
Dominic Roskrow looks at Yuengling, the oldest brewing company in the United States
International focus
Our guide to the different beer styles of Germany
Dogfish Head
It may sound fishy, but this Delware microbrewery is kicking out some fantastic beers
An insider’s view on the best beer venues in the Czech capital