Issue 10


Hook Norton
A place of pilgrimage for beer lovers, this brewery in Oxfordshire makes beer pretty much as it did 150 years ago
Beer from Budweis
We visit the Budweiser Budvar brewery in the Czech Republic, home of the celebrated lager
Regional focus
What you can expect from the beers and breweries of middle England
Extreme beer
What is it with these triple hopped, double imperial beers emerging from the USA? And are they any good?
Dominic Roskrow travels back in time 15,000 years to discover the origins of beer
Little Creatures
Behind the scenes at a microbrewery making waves in Australia
An Englishman in Paris
Adrian Tierney-Jones reveals where you can find the best beer in this metropolitan city
How to set up your own micro
We’ve all thought about it, but few of us actually make the leap from beer lover to brewer. Here’s how you do it
Beer and trains
The love affair between brewing and steam is all but dead, but there are still pockets where you can experience it. Here’s where
Belgium beer festival
We chat to Bart Verhaeghe a man on a mission to bring more Belgian beer to Britain