Issue 1


Nelson celebrations
What are British brewers doing to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar?
International focus
The Czech Republic is put under the spotlight as we look at its beers and history
British brewery: Fuller’s
With a successful new launch these are exciting times for the London brewer
The Theakston story
How a Yorkshire legend changed hands and is once more back in the family
British focus: East Anglia
A guide to all the brewers and retail outlets in the East of England
Beer culture
When it comes to the way we drink our beer it’s a case of ‘vive la difference’
International focus: Cantillon
Cantillon in Belgium is home to a stunning and challenging range of great beer
Beer legends: Joshua Tetley
The first of a regular look at the legendary names behind the leading brands
Spotlight: Alistair Hook
Alistair Hook is the maverick force behind the world-beating Meantime Brewery
Sponsorship: football
Why do beer producers spend millions backing football?